Monday, May 30, 2011

Civil War/ Sorting out Forgeys

I've been using a 7 day free trial for Footnote to try to find some missing Forgeys. I've found some very useful and interesting info. I have tried to assemble complete family groups for the Forgey families who settled in Tennessee. I believe I have identified a grandson , John Forgey, of Andrew Forgey and Margaret Reynolds. I found a John Forgey and Polly listed in New Providence Church records. They disappear from Hawkins County, TN after the 1840 Census. They seemed to have had a large family is 1840. I found a John Forga and Mary Forga family in Marshall County, MS and their family seemed to match the Hawkins County family as far as number of males and females. This family bounced back and forth between Shelby County, TN and nearby Marshall County, MS. Using Footnote I found 3 sons of John and Mary Forgey who served during the Civil War. One son, J. W. Forgey, does not appear on the 1850 Census. I believe that he might be a son of their's anyway? John T. does appear so he is more than likely their son. W. H. also appears to have served; he does not appear with them on the 1850 Census either; but is also more than likely a son of John and Mary.The sons not appearing with John and Mary in 1850 were over twenty years old.
Hope to nail for certain whether this Shelby County, TN family was from Hawkins County, TN. If J. W. Forgey was John and Mary's son, then I may have identified 4 out of the 5 males listed in the 1840 Census?
J. T. Forgey was killed at the Civil War battle of Stone Creek, TN on 31 Dec 1862. The W.H. survived his service. No further info about J. W. during or after the war? Unfortunately no places of birth provided on their Civil War documents.
Made a surprise find in the Civil War records. My ancestor Andrew Forgey's nephew John Forgey, son of Archibald, served as a Farrier in the Civil War. He served in the 5th Tennessee Calvary Company D. Those who served in this Company were from the Clinch River area of TN and VA. They were called the Clinch Mountain Rangers. He died in February 1862. Apparently he was taken from Morristown, TN to his residence Scott County, VA where he died.. John's son Andrew was apparently held prisoner during the Civil War and released in 1865,

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