Friday, May 13, 2011

Scott County, VA Forgeys

This is the Blackwater, VA area. The Rollers and Forgeys worked on an early road to Blackwater Salt Works.

Moving my research for my family history to Scott County, VA. Thought I lost my some of my court record copies. I've been looking for them for the past week, finally stumbled upon them today. So Friday the 13th is my lucky day :). 
Now that I've been able to review these pages again I've developed a new appreciation for them. I have been reading about the history of Scott County, VA, and the Blackwater Salt Works was mentioned. James Forgy is referred to in a court orders regarding the road to the Blackwater Salt Works. It seems that James Forgey Jacob Roller Jr. and Sr., were appointed as overseers of alterations to the Blackwater Road in the year 1826.
I also noticed that in the 1820's Archibald Forgy was living on the North Fork of the Clinch River just like his father-in-law Jacob Roller Sr.

A bounty was paid for killing predatory animals. The Scott County court record below lists Archibald Forgy as killing two wolves under six months old. It's an interesting glimpse into to life in early Scott County :).

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