Monday, May 2, 2011

Made A Nice Find

It seems like lately all of my finds are coming from Google Books. I've spent many hours searching but still have not found everything. Plus new books continue to be added. Today I found my likely ancestor Hugh Forgey listed in Most distinguished characters on the American frontier ( By Madge Looney Crane and Phillip L. Crane). . Since I can only get a snippet view I don't have a date or know the exact nature of the document. It appears that Hugh witnessed this certificate assignment.  It looks like Hugh may have signed it? It looks like 17 something may be the date. I tried this with my search and was taken to the page, but still could not see the date. The number 18 used with the name Forgey didn't yield any results.
The Looneys lived in Stanley Valley, Hawkins County TN like the Forgeys. David Looney, who was transferring the assignment of the certicate, owned 600 acres of land in Stanley Vallley.
Reading more snippets from this book I learned about the Squabble State which extended from Virginia into Stanely Valley. Apparently this area was a disputed area. The settlers in the Squabble State sometimes refused to pay taxes. Documents from that era officially refer to the area as the Squabble State. This state line dispute was partially settled in 1802. 
Squabble State as outlined by the Henderson, Walker lines

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