Saturday, October 19, 2013

Irish Relatives Drunk in Public?

Failing to pay the Poor Rate could land you in court as with Thomas and Stephen Huane. I believe they abandoned their property in Ireland.
It seems my Irish relatives in Mayo, Ireland weren't teetotalers. I used my Find My Past free trial to look at their court records collection. I was not able to determine whether my Mullen ancestors appeared in court due to the fact the Galway court records are not set up like the Mayo records. Not enough detail on the Galway side to establish the identity of someone with a common name.
The surname Huane is so uncommon and limited to a small area in Ireland, so it was easy to spot our family court records. The Huanes appeared in court a number of times; generally after having a few too many. Some of our Irish female ancestors were known to have a hair trigger temper (I would say that we generally tell the truth and people think it is hell, as Truman once said). We can see all of the rumors about the family verified in the records. Happily no one was ever seriously hurt in some of these skirmishes; Praise be to God!

Sounds like this may have been mutual combat, and charges were dropped

Most of the Huane court appearances had to do with the following circumstances; "Defendant were found drunk on the public road contrary to law."
This court case helped me to identify the location of my ancestors property. Griffith's Valuation of Ireland gave me an approximate location for Thomas Huane's property. Thomas Huane's cow strayed onto a neighbors property, and he sued because of this. The neighbor's property was in another townland, which leads me to believe Thomas Huane's land was located on the Townland boundary line with Bunduff. These records are interesting, and add to our knowledge of  the lives family members.

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Very interesting research - gives me some ideas for my Irish ancestors. I liked reading your blog.