Sunday, October 27, 2013

Are we Jewish or not?

It seemed like I may have had a solution to my question after learning the Kapple/Kappel Koppel's male line DNA Haplo type was J2. Since many Jewish males have that haplo type, and our surname is associated with Ashkenazi Jews, I felt like the question was answered. I received an email from the Burgenland Bunch DNA study a few days ago with some analysis of the group results to date. The J2's in my families village area tend to be related to Aromun/Illyrian, which would mean they are from the Balkans or Greece. I will eventually upgrade my cousin Darryl's test kit to narrow down the sub group. My cousin's ultimate SNP is likely going to be around M241 which could be Balkan? It also may be semitic if it's L25? More testing may clarify.
It's interesting that most of my cousin's matches are Spanish. This may change after testing more markers. I sorted out my Family Finder matches separating my mother's side from my father's. I was very surprised to find I had a match on my father's side and they had hispanic roots. My father has no hispanic roots that I am aware of?
It is interesting that Northern Burgenlanders are more Germanic than those of the south, where my family is from. It does look like my Burgenland family is a mix of ethnicities. I have some Hungarian matches on my father's side. 
Considering my mother's Middle Eastern results were just Mozabite and mine included Palestinian; it's possible that the Palestinian is from my father? I'll upgrade the test when I have a chance and see if it can provide anymore insight?

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