Thursday, October 10, 2013

Backtracking and DNA Analysis

My Pie Chart

My Mother's DNA test results finally came in yesterday. It has caused me to rethink my previous conclusions. I had assumed since my father's surname was likely Jewish that all of my middle eastern came through his side of the family. My Mother, however, has even more Middle Eastern than I do.

My Mother Edna Forgey -Kapple's ethnic breakdown
My mother's Middle Eastern result of 18% leads me to believe that it is possible I may have inherited only 5% of my Middle Eastern from my father. As we can see with my Native American result the percentages go down by about half with each generation. I had heard that happens but now I see my mother's about 11% and my 5%.
According to my mother's population result she is 18% Mozabite. According to my result my Middle Eastern is Bedouin, Mozabite, Palestinian
My mother has 232 total matches. I have 219 matches. We share 93 common matches. So far I've found a Nicaraguan 3rd to 5th cousin match in my mother's match list. I've also found a Zirkle/Roush relative who is a match. to her but not me. I am happy that my mother shared even more DNA with a descendant of John Forgey of Tennessee which supports our inference that we are related. Stop and start places are not exact so it's a little hard to establish there actual location.
My mother Edna Kapple and Marion Kerr

My comparison with Marion

Comparing my confirmed 5th cousin Nan with my mother I get different numbers at FTDNA than I do at gedmatch. According to FTDNA their largest shared segment is 12.73(which is exactly what Nan and I share). According to Gedmatch it's 16 on Chromo 2 and 15 for me?  Who's right?

Nan and I
Nan Harvey and Edna Forgey-Kapple

I am making a list of the matches which fall on my father's side. FTDNA provides in common with match list, and a not in common with list. I downloaded the excel spreadsheet for these lists. I will note which matches are my mother's and which could be my father's, for all the lists then merge them.

Here is a comparison of Dodecad 13b charts between my mother and I:

Annette Kapple 

Edna Kapple

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