Sunday, January 13, 2013

My genealogy Goals Status

2012 has been a very productive year with many breakthroughs! I continue to search for anything new on the internet regarding any line. I tend to go with the flow and grab any new tidbit that presents itself.
I do also have focused goals.Here are some I plan I working on this years.

  1.  I found additional info on Eva Urmey's family in the War of 1812 Pension files. I need more information to establish her parents for certain.
  2. I found William Owens' mother Francis' maiden name (Watkins). This will hopefully lead me to extend her line?
  3. I will be continuing to research the Owens line also.
  4. I recently found out my great grandfather William Forgey spent 2 years out west. I would like to find out where in the west he was?
  5. I will try to make some progress on my Nicaraguan line.
  6. As more War of 1812 files are uploaded I will be searching more of those files.
  7. I hear deeds are soon to be posted at I will be searching those when available.
How I've been doing with last years goals:

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