Friday, January 25, 2013

Finding Cousins at Facebook

If you've lost contact with members of your extended family a good way to reestablish contact is to find them at Facebook. It's a good way to get reacquainted and share family info.
Finding family with common names can be tricky. Not everyone posts a picture of themselves as a profile picture either, making the process of finding them more tricky even. The best way to narrow down the correct person would be to know their associates and check their list of friends for known other family members and associates. To find names of family and other associates check US Search . This site lists family members living and deceased who have lived with the person at some point in time. It also lists roommates in the related with section.
If you can not find the person you are looking for you may find someone they are related with according to US Search. You may be able to reestablish contact through that channel.
Since the younger generation uses Facebook most it might be easiest to look for someone in the Teen to Twenty something generation. I did this just yesterday, and found it useful several times before. I have about 30 something cousins, and I can remember all their names (most of the time LOL). I have trouble, however, with remembering their childrens names (my head is filled with so many names, and the hundreds of ancestors I've found LOL). The US Search related with feature has helped me find their names on several occasions. I seldom fail to find that generation at Facebook. When you find them sometimes their parents are also their friends, and you may even find their grandparents are their friends.

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