Monday, January 28, 2013

Mired in Mississippi

Still searching Mississippi for Forgeys and trying to figure out where William of Pike County fits? I have mapped out all Forgey families in Mississippi so I can identify any who do no belong to any particular line. In searching records and trying to place individuals I've located two more men who no one has been able to link to an existing line. These men were James and Joseph who appeared on the 1830 Census for Choctaw County Mississippi. 
James is said to have been married to Elizabeth Brown who was said to have been born in Georgia according to the 1850 Census.  James was said to have been born in Kentucky in 1850. His son gave his birthplace as Mississippi. They line later spelled the name Forgay. 

It appears Joseph was likely a son of William of Pike County becasue he was married in nearby Lawrence County in 1818. He married a Winney Massey who probably was born in Georgia? It appears that William, of Pike, had two sons so both James and Joseph may have been his sons. The 1850 Census for James may have been in error? Someone posted that he may have been born in Georgia and his son said Mississippi?
According to the 1800 Census William had one son. 
In 1820 it appears there was another son who was between 0-16 yrs. old.
Nathaniel Forgay was a Miner in Plumas California 1860
The James Forgey family above later standardized the name with the spelling Forgay. So he may be from a completely different line, and from a different region of Ireland? Different regional dialects resulted in different spellings. James Forgay's descendants settled in Scott County, Arkansas and Plumas, California. According to the 1880 Census Nathaniel's father James was born in Mississippi (sounds like he may have made out alright with his mining he now has servants).

I've made some progress and hope that these Forgey/ Forgays are eventually placed in their proper line!

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