Thursday, April 21, 2011

Stanley Valley

I've been touring the area where my ancestors lived using google street view. They lived in Stanley Valley, Hawkins County, Tennessee and later migrated over the border into Scott County, Virginia.
Stanley Valley is a narrow valley so it should be fairly easy to pinpoint where the family lived.
The only coordinates I have are Possum Creek and according to a great-grandson of the family they lived 17 miles from Rogersville. Using these directions I believe I have been able to get pretty close to where they lived. It's been really wonderful to actually see the area :)! It's really moving seeing the area.
I have also been able to see the ancestral land in Scott County thanks to the directions of distant cousins. Its a very lush green area.
I've contacted a local expert in Hawkins County, TN hoping to get advise on how to pinpoint the exact location of the Forgey land.

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