Wednesday, April 27, 2011

More Fun with Maps

The findagrave website has so much great information besides cemetery listings. I found a picture of the marker above at that site. It put me on the right track as to where the Looneys lived. They were neighbors of my likely ancestors Andrew Forgey and Margaret Reynolds. I noticed a street called Looney's Gap road. I thought that Andrew's land may have been located around there. No, after using this sign to do more internet research I determined that the Looneys originally lived near the Forgeys on Possum Creek, but later relocated to the location where Looney's Gap Rd. is, which is on Big Creek. So Andrew did not live near that road.
When I looked at Andew Forgey's land grant again I noticed it specifically says he lived in North Stanley Valley.
I would like to do some research with Tract Books to pinpoint the location of the land.
I am very curious as to whether descendants of Andrew Forgey still own any of his 400 acre land grant?


MHD said...

Hi, Annette!
I'm glad your mother is doing better.
I was at the Whittier FHC today with a letter in German for John to translate. He told me you had been researching people in the same area of Austria! Another coincidence is that I worked in Hac Hts for many years and drove by St. John Vianney almost daily. Add Kentucky, Ireland, etc., and the similarities in our research keep on growing! I told John about your blog and he said to say "Hi!" See you soon I hope!

Annette said...

Hi Marie! Wow, are you researching Burgenland Austria too? If you also have family in that area have you looked at the Burgenland Bunch website? I have the link here on this page. The church records go back to the late 1700 in the Inzenhof area I have researched. I also had relatives in the Graz area.
I noticed also that you are researching in Kansas I think? Where I also had family. Lots of similarities, true!
Sad about the church :(. I have been attending there off and on since it began.
I hope to wrap up some chores and go back to the FHC soon. So nice hearing from you and hope to see you there soon. I will try to make it there next Thursday. Nice to get the "Hi" from John. Thanks so much! Annette

Annette said...
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