Friday, April 1, 2011

John Reynolds Biography

Great find at Google Books! It looks like the Reynolds family researchers drew heavily from this book. It's nice to find the source material they used :D! It was 97 degrees here today and a little hard to get my head around all of this today :)! A lot to think about. According to this account Robert Reynolds, Margaret Reynolds Forgey's nephew, was born in Co. Monaghon Ireland. His wife was from Dundulk Co. Louth. Creggan Co. Armagh would have been close to these places. This does support what was found in the 1766 Religious Census for Ireland; and Creggan as their place of origin. Hugh Reynolds must have migrated to Creggan. The Reynolds family has been in Co. Monaghon for 300 years according to a family member still living in that area.
Joseph Beaird is mentioned as a cousin of John Reynolds. Below is a snippet from Palma Scheumack's Reynolds Family Letters. I can sort of see now why Joseph and his brothers were thought of as cousins.

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