Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Wife Of 3RD Cousin 5X Removed In An Ancestry Circle?

I misunderstood the Circles at AncestryDNA. I had thought they were reserved for direct line ancestors. Apparently they can include aunts, uncles, cousins and their spouses; if they are in your tree. I just found a Circle for a several times great-aunt. When I click on her Circle I'm listed as a potential descendant. This can cause confusion if you don't read all the descriptions carefully. I'm not included in the Circle though.

To me it would make more sense to include non direct line ancestors in NAD's. The Circles should form for the strongest links. If they are extended beyond that to the wife of a 3rd Cousin 5x removed, for example, then we are getting into some very weak associations. Couldn't ancestry just exclude certain relationships from Circles?

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Barb LaFara said...

Just one reason I created a direct line only tree that is associated with my DNA results.