Friday, January 15, 2016

Reconstructing My Grandfather And Great-Father's Genomes

Fred Mason's sons Edwin and Frank
I am trying to reconstruct and color in the chromosome charts for my Maternal Grandfather Charles Lynn Forgey and Paternal Great-Grandfather Fred Augustus Mason. Since Charles Forgey's wife was Nicaraguan it's easy to separate out DNA that belongs to him. I'm only using identified segments to reconstruct his genome. Segments associated with Fred Mason are easy to pick out because his wife was Irish, and he was French Canadian on his father's side. He had early American roots on his Mother's side..

I've thrown out more requests to compare results to close matches relating to these men at AncestryDNA. No answers yet. If these cousins would compare it would certainly help fill in my charts.

Don't have a picture of Fred Mason
He died in 1917 these are his children
My Grandmother far left
I'm using an Aunt's results and some cousins results to fill in my Great-Grandfather Fred Augustus Mason's chart. I can see some X shares between an Aunt and a 2rd cousin 1x removed. I also share an 18cM segment on the X with the same cousin. This would go back to the Owens line because Fred's father would not have passed his X along to him. I'm not even attempting to name French Canadian segments due to endogamy.

According to Ancestry those with the triangulation on chromosome 12 only share about 7 cM's; according to GEDmatch they share 14 cM's. They match both places. The 7 cM difference is common between GEDmatch and AncestryDNA. As I said before I'm only using the segments of paper trail cousins.
This is where I am with my Grandfather Charles Lynn Forgey's chart. I am using cousins and my Mother's results to fill this in. If the 70 cM and over matches at AncestryDNA would compare I could definitely make great progress on this chart.


rcapen said...

Have you tried the Lazarus tool on GEDmatch? You can make a kit for your deceased relatives, provided you have enough direct descendants and known cousins. I'm making one for my father (with the help of three siblings) that's maybe 90% as good as if he had tested himself.

Annette Kapple said...

Thank you! No I haven't tried Lazarus. I have my mother and a cousin's results at GEDmatch. I also have an Aunt and Cousin who have tested on my father's side.

CatMiller said...

My husband was adopted and did some search for his birth family along with DNA.
It appears that he connects up strongly with the Charles Owens line. What connection do you have with the Owens line?