Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Concrete Proof of Relationship

Jane Sharp/Rawlins statement on paper (somewhere?) naming her relations got me to thinking about our documentation for the Forgey family. What documents do we have for the early Forgeys directly naming parents, children or other relations?
The earliest mentions of the Forgeys in America would be on Tax Lists. The tax man (as today) seldom missed anyone. Land was cheap in early times so we find them in the deed records. Native American Warfare was a constant in early days so every male generally served in the Militia at some point so we find them in those records. Many of the 1790 Census records have been lost and Eastern Tennessee doesn't have Census records until 1830.
The above records were 99 percent male. Females would be taxed if there were no males over 21 in the household, and they were head of the household. The same held true for the Census.They could appear in Dower releases on deeds so they were better represented here. They were not allowed in the Military so never mentioned there.
The place where we find entire families listed are first and foremost wills and adminstrations. Second would be bible records. The third would be church records, and then County Histories.
Here is some of what we have:
Andrew Forgey of Hawkins County, TN names his family members

James Forgey of Hawkins County gives us info about his parents in his bible and names his children

Hugh Forgey Crawford names his Forgey Uncles and their children in a Journal he kept

Samuel Forgey of Rowan County, North Carolina's Children (James is also mentioned in the will)

Hugh Forgey of Bourbon County, KY's  children in Will

This father son relationship is not clearly stated but assumed since they are together on this 1780  Cumberland County, PA Tax List

In 1785 we no longer see John Forgy we now instead see Widow Forgy

Here we have Robert Forgy of Mifflin and Mary Forgy of Washington County, PA. I assume they are  mother/ or stepmother and son

The John Forgey Family of Clark County, Ohio. I am no longer certain this is  Robert Forgy of Mifflin County, PA's brother?

Church Record naming Andrew Forgey and Elenor Randall's Children

Andrew Forgey's inventory contains his childrens names and wife's name

Alexander Forgey of Indiana Bible record

Andrew Forgey and Anna Roller Family as recorded in a Family bible

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