Wednesday, June 26, 2013

A 2006 Letter from Ireland I Cherish!

The anticipation that comes from waiting for DNA results can be overwhelming LOL. I am currently waiting for results from a Y DNA test and a MtDNA test. I'm also waiting for the Gedmatch site to catch up with their backlog so we can do more comparing of results. In the mean time I am doing more scanning. Below is a cherished letter from a resident of my Great-grandmother's  townland, Pollaturick, in Ireland. I appreciate this person taking the time to write this and help me to confirm what I found in other records. The elderly are our greatest sources for information, as this letter affirms. The family of a distant cousin of mine had visited this relative, so they wrote her a letter for me asking about my family. This is in regards to my Mullen/Huvane  family. Some of the Huvane's use the alternate spelling Huane, as used in this letter.

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