Saturday, September 15, 2012

Shopping using 1825 Family Inventory

Coffee Mill
Trundle Bed

Wondered if I could reproduce the household goods listed on James D. Owens March 1825 Inventory? I was able to find most of the objects referred to. I had no idea what a Trammel was until looking that up. You would attach your dutch oven to the trammel in your fireplace to cook. I had a vague idea of what a Trundle Bed was. The 1825 trundle bed was a small bed which could slide under a larger one; very handy in cramped living quarters. The Owens family lived on the Ohio River so they had both a boat and a scift or skiff. I guess someone in the family could read because they did have books. I wondered about the log chains. I noticed nearly everyone had those but I had no idea how they were used until now. Apparently they were wrapped around logs so you could move them? Some of the items I couldn't make out or identify. I think I would have been lost regarding some of the items, and would have to have some schooling on how to use them.

side saddle

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