Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Distant Versus Remote Cousins Family Finder

My 4th remote cousin Kristin has been a great teacher. I had not noticed all the different degrees of cousin relationship. For instance Nan Harvey and I are defined as distant cousins which confirms our relationship within the last 5 generations. Our shared match Charles Monroe Davies is classified as remote. Remote means that you could be related as much as 20 generations back. I am a little puzzled by his being designed that way because he does share a sizable segment of DNA and 3,500 SNPs on this segment? It may be due to the low shared cM value of 28? I don't have all of the criteria for determining these designations.
I have two pages and 20 cousins designated as distant cousins the remainder of the 113 are remote. So it sounds like I should focus on these twenty first.

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