Saturday, August 11, 2012

1940 Census Conclusion

My Final Indexing Numbers

Finally an index for Chicago was made available for the 1940 Census at Found my father and his family immediately. It would have taken me forever going through the 9th ward page by page. They did indeed live in the 9th ward as I thought. They lived in the West Pullman area of Chicago. I did not expect to find them to be that far south. The Kappel family worked for Pullman Rail Car Company for many years. I looked up for a picture of the house the family lived in on Normal Avenue at Google Maps Street View. It appears that this address is a vacant lot. Sadly I could not get a picture of their house. At least I have an idea of what the neighborhood was like. The house was valued $3500 which was $1500 dollars more than the California property belonging to my Forgey grandparents.
I also was able to locate my Grandfather Rudolph Kappel's brothers and their properties. I am not sure whether the John Kappel I found is the correct man? I don't know what his wife's name was? I need to do some more research to see if this is the right guy? The others likely are all correct. Steven was a cabinet maker for the railroad and Joseph was a woodworker at a piano factory. Herman worked in a steel mill like his brother William. My grandfather evidently was unemployed and cleaning alleys for the city.
The information I've found has been very interesting, and hopefully may lead me to cousins who may have family photos? I now have a better idea of the birth order of my Kappel Aunts and Uncles too.

My Grandparents' Neighborhood
Joseph Kappel's house
John Kappel's house

Steven  Kappel's Apartment House

Could not access a picture of Herman Kappel's property

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