Thursday, July 26, 2012

How Much Space Do I have left in the Free Cloud?

After two days of syncing space in the free cloud it's filling fast. I would like to save space for the future so I am going to start slowing down syncing. I have been syncing the most import things first. Personal pictures are the most important and hard to replace so they are uploaded first. Hard to replace documents second, and so on. I have to figure out which videos to save first because they take up lots of space. My videos alone take up a little over 5 GB.
I am using 73% of my Drop Box space and 53% of my Google Drive space without the videos. It looks like I can't save videos to Skydrive. So I will have to divide them between Drop Box and Google Drive.
I am finding the syncing is going slowly and it's best to upload one file folder at a time. It would cost $9.99 a month for me to buy additional space at Drop Box, which I don't want to do.
I started moving things to Drop Box a year ago. I should have been updating it as I got documents I wanted saved to the cloud. It becomes confusing if you wait and later forget which files you already uploaded. I started fresh with Google Drive which is now the most complete backup. Moving everything on your computer to the cloud can be time consuming but worth it when you think of the time it would take to replace everything or losing things which can't be replaced.

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