Monday, July 16, 2012

Good Excuses for Not Indexing the 1940

If you need a reason not to index the 1940 Census anymore here are some deemed acceptable:

  • Actually I have been diligently Indexing but my Cat or Dog keeps hitting keys on the computer and deleting all that I have done.
  • My internet has been down.
  • My computer isn't working.
  • My cat or dog sleeps on the keyboard and I can't use it.
  • I can't find my keyboard because of the stacks of genealogy paperwork on my desk.
  • My family hogs the only computer we have.
  • My family wasn't in this country in 1940.
  • This project is full of idiots who can't read even the best handwriting and I don't hang out with idiots.
  • The arbitrators are unfair and I am on strike. 
  • Low scores on my indexing has hurt my self esteem I am seeking therapy.
  • This whole project has gone on longer than I expected and my attention span is short.
  • The handwriting is too difficult to read.
  • I have actually been working at a paying job to feed and shelter my family (I can't miss Phineas and Ferb during my off hours either)!! 
  • I don't do anything for FREE.
  • I've found my family so I'm OUT.
  • Doing my own genealogy research is more fun.
  • This Indexing thing isn't working out for me (sorry can't be more specific).
  • This Indexing stuff looks and feels like real work! I am allergic to real work and break out in hives.
  • Just plain BURNED OUT!! I've indexed over 50,000 records and I am ready to snap! (this is the most acceptable excuse)

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