Tuesday, May 1, 2012

A Software Generated Family History

I've been comparing software generated Family templates for creating a Family History. I started out by using my own Rootsmagic program. I used the modified register report and added more photos for family members. It produced a nice layout, with lots of detail included in the family group layout. It also produced an index which is so helpful.

I also downloaded a free trial of The Family Historian software. I created another modified register here. It produced a slightly different layout. I believe that company is based in the UK where they have a different protocol for the arrangement of the data. Rootsmagic provided more details for individuals at the family group level whereas Family Historian only gave date ranges and no spouse info at this level. I could not manipulate the pictures in the Rootsmagic program but could with Family Historian. I was able to make the pictures small, medium and large. I could also move them. I later found out I could change the size of the pictures at Rootsmagic by going into setting then options and resizing them. I don't think you can move them in Rootsmagic?

I like the uncluttered, neater, layout Family Historian produced. It's easier for family members to read. Genealogists would probably prefer a more detail oriented layout like Rootsmagic.

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