Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Searching for John and Nancy Forgey in Maury County, TN

The search continues for John and Nancy Forgey documents in Maury County, Tennessee. I thought I might find them in deeds records. I sent a request to Maury County Archives and asked for a search of their indexes for the Forgey/Forgy surname. They did not find them listed in the deeds. I might search myself eventually because it's always possible the name was badly misspelled. I should also check the deeds records for Giles County, TN. Numerous entries were found for the Andrew and Eleanor Forgey's children.
So far I've only seen John Forgey listed with Andrew Forgey on Taxlists for Giles and Maury County, TN the 1820 Census for Maury County. We know that John Forgey was in the Giles/Maury County in 1810 when he was appointed Militia Captain. He also appears to have been involved in a lawsuit in 1813:
 "Giles County TN 1813-11-16

On motion of Isaac SAMS by John WHITE his atty. and it appearing to the satisfaction of this court that the said Isaac SAMS has paid as security for John FORGEY, the sum of $11.23 on an execution which issued in pursuance of a judgment rendered at the last term of this court in favour of William BALL against said FORGEY & AMS, it is considered by the court that plft. recover against said deft. the aforesaid sum. (Judg. & Clks. fees paid) GI Cty. Ct. Min. 

John is not mentioned in any records for Maury County after 1820. Although, I believe this 1822 Maury County Deed book entry probably refers to John Forgey, because I have not found a John Forney living in the area at the time:
Maury County Will abstract

 I have not found Nancy Forgey mentioned in any records in that area.

This is the deeds Index for James Forgey the Maury County archives Clerk sent me:

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