Monday, January 2, 2012

To do list for New Year

Last year was very productive genealogy wise. I joined Second Life last January which helped introduce me to the genealogy community on the internet. As a result I began attending Webinars. I started this blog last March after attending a Dear Myrtle blogging Webinar. I began listening to Genea Bloggers radio even before starting my blog. All of this activity led to a more focused approach to my research which has paid off. I plan on maintaining this approach this year. I am going to work on improving citations and locating sources. This is my target list for this year:
  1. I still have not found the purchase deed for Hugh Forgey's property in Flat Creek, Knox County, TN. He probably purchased the land in the 1780's or 1790's? Will attempt to find the deed.
  2. I would like to collect more maps of the areas where my ancestors lived. I especially would like to get a better map of the Possum Creek area of Hawkins County and Flat Creek area of Knox County, TN.
  3. I will keep googling my family names in hopes of someone posting transcriptions of letters or diaries. I've pretty much exhausted currently available records at the government level so private sources could be best in the future.
  4. I plan on ordering a copy of the Deeds Index for Maury County, TN. I've looked some court records for that area but didn't find anything useful (someone reminded I can order the film online.
  5. I need to keep checking the Newspaper project for Tennessee which still has not been completed. I am hoping the early Knoxville Gazette will be available online soon. This should be a great source for the early history of the area.
  6. I need to fix some gedcom problems.
  7. I plan on continuing to work on my family history book/report.
  8. I will move over to Clermont, Ohio and do some more research on Nancy Melvin-Hicks. I would love to find an obituary for her.
  9. I still have not found the death years for Patrick Mullen and Mary Huvane in Ireland (my great great-grandparents).
  10. I have a long genealogy book reading list I hope to get through this year.
  11. More Forgey/Forgety DNA testers would be nice!

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