Sunday, January 8, 2012

National Register of Historic Places Registration Form/ Genealogy Source

The National Register of Historic Places Registration Form I found this form to be a great resource for local history and family history. This Knox County, TN form is packed with information about the early history of  Tennessee and Knox County It mentions many of the early residents too. I did find a factual error. The person who built the fort at Harbison Crossroads was actually James Reynolds not John. This application involved multiple sites and buildings and contains more info than an average form. Even a shorter form can contain some very interesting historical info about a building or location, and family. Below you can see an example of the kinds of details that were recorded.

Below is an example of the kinds of info you may find about an individual.
I am now looking for more of these forms by searching google and including the name of a site or area. They are generally posted as PDF's. I think the information provided is very interesting to include in a Family History, and some of the info may lead  to more resources and help breakdown a brickwall.

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