Sunday, January 14, 2018

MyHeritage Adds Chromosome Browser


I'm thrilled with MyHeritage's Chromosome Browser! The segment data they are now offering is helping me extend my segment maps. It's confirming which ancestors the segments are coming from by increasing the number of matches sharing the same segments and ancestors.

I believe you can still upload your raw data from other companies for free? Or you can buy their kit. I would highly recommend either uploading your raw data or buying their kit. My Mother, Aunt, and I now have more than 1,000 matches, so their are enough people testing with them to make it worthwhile. They've also improved their matching algorithms.

The tools and filters provided by MyHeritage are outstanding. Below you can see the menus which allow filtering by matches who share your surnames, or has a family tree attached. You can sort by shared segments, largest segment, full name, and most recent matches.



Right now you can only download the segments of your matches one match at a time using the advanced tool attached to the chromosome browser. They will eventually provide the ability to download all matches on to one spreadsheet.

Since I'm not patient I used cascading windows and copy paste to create one spreadsheet with the segments for a couple hundred top matches.

I then edited the spreadsheet to match a FamilytreeDNA spreadsheet so I could upload it to Geno Mate Pro. I had to delete the RSID columns. I also had to change our names so they matched our own first and last names exactly at FamilytreeDNA. I added the letter M to the matches names so I know these matches came from MyHeritage.
MyHeritage provides some information the other companies don't such as suggesting approximately where geographically you and your match may have shared ancestors.

My chromosome charts are expanding based on the new segment data provided by MyHeritage.
Below you can see how one of my Chromosome maps has grown in one year. The top is this year the bottom is last.

I've been able to mark my first segments from my Grandfather Rudolph Kapple. He was born in what is now Burgenland, Austria. Since so few people from there, or living there, have tested we have few matches from Burgenland. My aunt now has a fairly close cousin sharing 189 cM's at MyHeritage. The segment on chromosome 11 is my only good Burgenland match so far. I also have a couple very small segment matches with Burgenland matches.  

Overall MyHeritage DNA provides outstanding tools for working with your DNA matches.
Way to go MyHeritage DNA! You Rock! 




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