Monday, April 3, 2017

MyHeritage DNA: Comparing Longest Segments

I heard some negative reviews regarding MyHeritage DNA. I decided to compare their results with other companies who provide cM  segment numbers. I'm mainly looking at the longest segment here. I should say I haven't purchased a kit. I uploaded my raw data using the free upload offer.
  •  Here we see a match who shares 16cM's on the longest segment according to Family Tree DNA, and 18.4 according to MyHeritage. According to Family Tree DNA the total cM's shared are 41. According to MyHeritage the total is 39.3 cMs. These are very typical differences between companies and GEDmatch too. 

  •  Here is a comparison of longest segments between MyHeritage and the others:

I find the differences in the length of longest segments to be comparable when comparing between any two companies or GEDmatch. I wouldn't hesitate testing with them if they offer a chromosome browser. The only downside to testing with them at this point is a small database to compare with. I have only two pages or match while my mother has five. Hopefully they can attract many more people to test with them?

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