Friday, September 18, 2015

How Phasing At 23andMe Improved My Results

My Mother's results were phased with mine a couple of weeks after her initial results came in.

My unphased results seemed to suggest my father had some Native American admixture. After phasing practically all of my Native America shifted to my maternal side. It does look like around 1% still remains with my paternal line. I've been trying to establish whether my father did have a Native American ancestor? It's possible we descend from the Half King Tanacharison? Probably impossible to prove or disprove a connection from 17th century Pennsylvania?

Pre phasing
I am part French Canadian and have had a number of matches from that line. It was interesting to see French/German percentages increase after phasing. I was 5.6% French/German before phasing. Now I'm 12.1%.  This is through my paternal side. I believe this percentage also includes my Burgenland, Austria ancestry. My Eastern European increased from 1.7% to 4.8% for my paternal line. The higher percentage is correct because my paternal Grandfather was Eastern European. I always thought that my paternal Grandfather was substantially Ashkenazi, but I see no evidence of that in our DNA results? Oddly I'm finding some Ashkenazi on my mother's side? I'm now showing a trace of Ashkenazi through my mother's line. I didn't have any before phasing.

This is what my phased paternal results look like.

My maternal phased line improved also after phasing. My mother was half Nicaraguan on her Mother's side, and mostly Scots-Irish and German on her father's side. The other DNA testing companies failed to find much Iberian admixture in our results. Our results at 23andMe, post phasing, show substantial Iberian admixture. I was 6% Iberian before phasing, and now I am 16% after phasing.
Here is my ethnicity prediction for my Maternal line.

Phasing against my mother improved the accuracy of our results. Instead of ethnicity being assigned to broad categories the results became more specific.
I'm also happy with the fact my matches have an M if they also match my mother.
Testing both parents. or a parent, if possible is very helpful. It's especially useful at 23andMe.


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could you post a picture of the normal view, not the split view after the phasing.