Tuesday, May 6, 2014

DNA Extra: Ancestors Falling through the Cracks

My Grandfather Rudolph and children
The Inzenhof Koppel Family had an interesting look.
Some family tended to a dark complexion, others were very fair.

Well I seem to have found my Iberian ancestors at myOrigins. The heat maps now include Spain. It still puzzled me why my Mom only has 10% Mediterranean? The description of population reference groups at the Genographic project cleared my confusion up. The average Iberian only has 48% Mediterranean. Their DNA is so similar to Northern European you can't tell it apart. They also have some small amounts of Southwest Asian.

This may also apply to my Kapple or Koppel ancestors? Koppel is an Ashkenazi surname. The family lived on the border between Austria and Hungary. Everyone believed they were Ashkenazi based on the surname and the Semitic look of some of our family members. This is not showing up in my DNA. Ancestry did find less than 1% of Ashkenazi DNA. I have 4% Middle Eastern DNA which may related to the Kapple side of my family? It's not showing up in my Mom's results. Her Middle Eastern isn't from North East Africa like mine. I do have 8% Eastern European, but I'm sure which side this is from? I know few people in the Koppel village area have taken any kind of DNA test. A few have taken a Y test. My Kapple cousin Darryl's Y DNA is J2B. I'm thinking the problem using DNA to find our Koppel ethnic heritage relates to not enough data. The chart Doug McDonald gave me a few years ago showed areas marked not enough data which may relate to the Koppel DNA?

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