Friday, September 27, 2013

Happy Dance DNA, Irish Style!

On August 21 and 22 Family Tree DNA posted new matches. I was very surprised to find a match with someone who has ancestors in the same Townland area in Ireland as my Huane/Huvane family. According to my match's posted information he is a descendant of Kirrane and Hosty ancestors. I recall these names from my searches of the local records.
Griffith's Valuation for Pollaturick Co. Galway
Shanballybocht or Shanballyvought is near Fallakeeran, Co. Mayo where my family was from. I also noticed a Kirrane family lived near my Mullen family in nearby Pollaturick Co. Galway. The Kirranes lived near the Mullen's from the time of  Griffith'sValuation of Ireland (mid 19th century) to the 20th Century.
This match lives in Australia. Match
Below lives in Ireland
I have had a number of Irish related matches at Family Tree DNA. One of my other recent matches was for Seamus Doherty. Likely someone still in Ireland? I also matched several people with Irish roots living in places like Australia and New Zealand. I have no connections to those places and assume our common ancestors are from Ireland?
I also had a few matches from Ulster Ireland. I have both Irish Catholic and Ulster Protestant roots in Ireland. It's great to see matches from the Co. Down and Armagh areas. 
I knew for certain I had this Irish Heritage but when you actually see DNA matches from there it really makes you feel more connected to Ireland. With so many record losses in Ireland it's nearly impossible to know how I'm related to my Irish matches but good to see I do have Irish DNA anyway.

This is the Baptism record for my Great Grandmother Helen (Ellen)  Mullen/Mason; only a few pages from the late 19th survive

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