Thursday, May 30, 2013

Burgenland Austria DNA Study

Looking over the Burgenland, Austria DNA study is fascinating. This study began with the Burgenland Bunch Genealogy group which has a great website, and contains many articles about the area.. A wide variety of Haplo groups are found here. Burgenland is located in a crossroads area between Western and Eastern, Southern and Northern Europe. The area saw many invaders cross through, which led to the genetic diversity. 
The Kapple/Kappel/Koppel family is about to join this study. My cousin Darryl Kapple has agreed to testing. It will be exciting to see where we fit in this study. My prediction is either J or R1a? We'll see!
Here is my understanding of the Haplo groups which have surfaced so far in the Burgenland.

Found in Hungary likely Semitic (Jewish)
Semitic (Jewish) Haplo type

Found in Hungary originated in the Balkans? 
Semitic (Jewish) Haplo type

Semitic (Jewish) Haplo type

Arrived in Europe during Neolithic age


Eastern European Croatian?

Semitic (Jewish) Haplo type

Middle Eastern 
Greek Eastern Eur
Baltic or Northern Eurasian

Semitic (Jewish)
Eastern European Slavic

Common European Haplo

Common in Europe


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