Saturday, October 6, 2012

Pennsylvania Manuscripts on the Web

Pennsylvania Archives and Colonial Records at Fold3
I am finding a wealth of info online regarding Pennsylvania. I have been using the Pennsylvania Archives for years at Fold3. I've learned you can also access these records at or google books. Journals and personal papers of contemporaries of my ancestors have been very helpful too. Since some of my ancestors where indian traders in Pennsylvania accounts of the indian trade have been interesting and helpful. The book "Ohio Company Papers" is available at Heritage Quest online. I found a number of references to my ancestor John Owens Indian Trader in the Ohio Company Papers. If you can find a manuscript collection or a book containing transcripts or extracts from original manuscripts they can prove to be very helpful and may breakdown a brickwall. I need to locate these kinds of materials for Tennessee.

Here are some links to the Pennsylvania manuscripts I've found helpful

David Owens was brought to the attention of Benjamin Franklin several time unfortunately

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Trina said...

This is very helpful. To be able to download these references and books to my Kindle is a huge boon to my research.

Thank you