Thursday, October 6, 2011

Are you curious about the group site layout at Family Tree DNA?

This is what the Member info page looks like 

Our surname DNA Project is growing :)! Not quite as large as the Benjamin Franklin study but growing :) (by the way there is a wonderful website for that project Here are some pages from the group website at Family Tree DNA. There are some great tools for comparison of DNA results. FT DNA also offers webinars and other educational opportunities which are displayed at the home page. Test kits can be purchased from the group site at a discount.
The only drawback to FT DNA's project groups is the fact that you have to buy a test in order to join. Ancestry's DNA groups allow anyone to join whether or not you purchase a test through them.

This is the Homepage with News and links
This is a list of the links to helpful info and charts for comparison of results
Here is an example of the discounts available through a group. Some tests are only available through projects such as the Y 12 marker test. 

An example of a chart. This is a chart showing project joins statistics.

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