Sunday, July 17, 2011

Now for something a little different

I thank Liz Tapley the author of the blog My Tapley Tree... and it's Branches , and Randy Seaver Genea-Musings ,  for the chart idea. I made an ethnicity chart for myself. My ethnic breakdown is certainly more complicated than this. I probably have some Native American ancestry, and my Nicaraguan/Spanish line includes some German. My Austro-Hungarian line is likely also Jewish. Which brings me to a quandary should I take an autosomal DNA test, or have my uncle's Y DNA tested? When I started out with my DNA research in 1998 my primary question was whether the Kapple family was substantially Jewish as far as Ethnic origin. I was never really able to verify this using available records. It sounds like I might be able to get a percentage of Jewish ancestry with the autosomal test. On the other hand I have been doing lots of research on my Forgey line and would like to verify what I have found in records for the family. I mainly have a circumstantial case on this line. I would like to buy both tests but can't afford to now; it's either one of the other. Family Tree Finder is having a sale which only lasts until July 21st. So I will have to make a decision

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