Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Inferential Genealogy Case Study 2

I just finished studying the second case for the Inferential Genealogy course. I found that I had to go through the whole thing twice before I understood. Since there were so few documents with Obediah's name I forgot what the goal was the first time around :(. I also misunderstood and thought the Partlows were descendants, which wasn't important anyway. The instructor came up with many more details than I recorded in my conclusion and assumptions.
I tend to get bogged down in details. It is difficult for me to pick out the most relevant details. I always have to go over documents numerous times before I  make sense of all the info. I do need practice in the process of document analysis, as I've gleaned for this case study.
This course has helped me recognize that I have not searched broadly enough. I should search the records of neighboring counties. Many of my family locations have suffered record losses, so searching nearby jurisdictions may be helpful. I generally have not researched records after my ancestors' deaths. Searching a generation after may be helpful too. I also have a feeling that I have not seen all of the court documents regarding my ancestors. Like he said the probate process, especially, generated a great deal of paperwork. Sometimes all of these papers were filed in several places including bound volumes, loose paperwork etc. I've found probate documents filed in deed books also. I don't live near my ancestral locations, so I can't visit courthouses easily. If I could visit I am sure I would find all of these various court records which can't be accessed any other way.
After studying this course it is clear that studying all documents regarding your ancestors, and their associates, is essential to solving difficult problems. Looking for every minute detail.

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